About Opinionators

An Opinionator is someone of something which makes someone else open their eyes.  Makes them think differently about something. Makes them do whatever it takes to make something better. Anyone can be an Opinionator. The schoolteacher. The rapper. The coach. The policy writer. The neighbourhood watch volunteer. The general public. You. There have always been Opinonators.

On 20 January 2009, Hanneke de Bruin, Emilie van Rappard and Heleen Ririassa decided not to let themselves to become penned in by one-sided ideas, the extent or complexity of a range of social problems. It resulted in Social Marketing agency Opinionators, managed by Emilie van Rappard, yet still supported by Hanneke and Heleen. 

To date, Opinionators is a collective of different network partners, each using their specific area of knowledge and expertise, to tackle social problems. Our added value? The combination of behavioural change knowledge, commercial brand experience and creative thinking.

The network